Sharon Robinson... painter contemporain

Artist Statement

Sharon Robinson

Producing art is my driving force. I am interested in grand areas, harsh climates, forests, and water. My work tends to focus on my immediate surrounding. It reflects on political and environmental issues as well as on human relationships and animals.

Most recently, I have been exploring form and movement observed in nature. I use the nervous movement of streams and transpose its vigorous force and freshness to my work. I depict the intensity produced by crashing water to create a parallel with human physical and intellectual forces and toughness needed in modern life.

Most of my ideas come from observation and daily sketches. I work in many medias, but I prefer print making. I like the physical contact of printing with the ink, paper, and press. It makes me feel centered and in touch with the great masters of this art.

I was born in Northern Quebec, but live and work in rural Eastern Townships. Many artists and writers inspire me, but first and foremost, I am influenced by 20th century women artists such as Emily Carr and Lee Krasner.

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